10 Fun Facts About Baseball

10. Babe Ruth Started his Career as a Pitcher and later Became an Outfielder

9. The Longest Baseball Match was Played for 8 Hours and 6 Minutes

8. Jackie Robinson became the First Black Professional Baseball Player

7. Crosley Field was the First Baseball Stadium to Have Lights

6. The Shortest Baseball Game was Played for 51 Minutes

5. The First Modern-day World Series of Baseball was Played in 1903

4. Baseball’s First Glove was Invented in 1875 by a Catcher from Harvard University

3. Cincinnati Red Stockings of 1869 were the First Salaried Professional Baseball Team

2. Baseball Rules were Formalized by Alexander who also Made the Modern Diamond-shaped Field

1. The Officially Recorded Game was Played in Beachville, Canada